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New edition: "Die Altausseer" from 1905

The “Andrian Book” has been reissued after 45 years

 "Das Andrianbuch", as the people of Altaussee call the book by Ferdinand von Andrian from 1905, which has been out of print for many decades, has now been reissued for the second time since 1975 as an unchanged reprint of the original edition.

The author Ferdinand Freiherr von Andrian-Werburg describes precise snapshots from Altaussee up to 1900. Customs and music, belief and superstition, hunting and poaching, love and marriage, salt mining and fishing are meticulously recorded by the author.

The reader gets an insight into the life of that time and into the stories of old and still existing families. In no other work has the important salt mining and the local fishing industry been reported in such detail. The peculiarities of the traditional costumes that are still valid today are explained in detailed descriptions with pictures. Here the origin of old legends is explained.

Locals will recognize changes to today in the customs described at the time, second locals will get detailed insights into customs and traditions, some of which can still be found today.

The book should not be missing in any household interested in Altaussee and Altaussee. It brings insights from old knowledge, a lot of pleasure and maybe a little nostalgia.

Cover Altausseer

Ideal as a gift


We executed the book to a high standard:

Real linen cover

The spine of the book is bound in traditional thread stitching for durability

Book title and photos are embossed on the front and spine of the book

You will find the three "Ausseer Dirndl" colors in the book: green cover, purple Bookmark and pink Backstrap

The historical photos of the intent and postscript show the ancestors of the publisher in Altaussee

The unchanged content was printed on ivory-colored letterpress paper from the French Clairefontaine paper mill and comes as close as possible to the original

Fonts, sketches and photos have been digitally enhanced to preserve all the details of the original edition


Available in local bookstores and directly from  

Price: 33 €                                       ISBN 978-3-200-07346-3

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